Practical Information

regarding Arrival and Departure


Check in at reception is from 16.00 to 18.00.

  • Late arrival: By appointment only. Use key box (see below)

Late Arrival / Key Boxes

Find your key if you check in after closing hours:


How to find your key:

  1. Go to the boxes – section. D in the above drawing.
  2. Find the box and use the given code.
  3. Then go to the given entrance: A, B or C.
  4. If the front door is locked, use your room key to unlock it.

To Get In:

Entrance A: Let yourself in and go to the left.
Entrance B: Let yourself in; go to the red door, and up the stairs.
Entrance C: Let yourself in and go straight up the stairs
Follow the signs to find your room.

Check Out

Check out time is latest 9:30 a.m.
Cleaning: On departure, please leave the room neat and tidy as found on arrival.
See our house rules here.

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